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Zargol Farms & Factory Place

Address : 55 km Qaen-Birjand road. 97175-149

Phone :+98 (511) 8422 119

Fax :+98 (511) 8413 569

Mobile : +98 933 396 6174

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Why Zargol

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Quality lies in the purity of our Products :
  • At ZargolTM Saffron Agriculture Group, we offer the purest Saffron that you can't find anywhere. Highest color strength, exotic aroma and delicious flavor owing to the modern methods of 100% Organic Planting, Crop management, Harvesting and Processing, replacing traditional methods.
  • You are facilitated with the authority to speak with director directly. Passionate customer care is what our leader believes in.
  • We act with urgency and work efficiently.
  • ZargolTM Saffron is expert producer and market leader in the area of Organic Saffron.

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