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Address : 55 km Qaen-Birjand road. 97175-149

Phone :+98 (511) 8422 119

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Contemporary Thinking for Tomorrow :

The fast – moving world waits for no man. The rule is simple: Those who won't or can't move quickly enough to seize the opportunities will be left behind.

Zargol Saffron Agriculture group has a provenance stretching back over 135 years. Every one of those years has been spend learning about the complexities of the Saffron planting and building up the support structure that allows our collected farms and local farmers to producing the best quality of Organic Saffron according to new methods and technologies.

We depend on the Lord for our strength :

Following years-long studies on new methods of modern cultivation in our private farms since 1986, we introduce and teach other farmers in our group modern cultivation methods and their implementation, which enable >300units of color strength.

The story didn't stop and we continue our research and development. We got Award and support from Agriculture ministry and Natural resources research center of Khorasan (Ref No.830/3428)

We have been send our articles to several national festivals of Saffron as the most active and first researcher in Saffron Producing, processing and packing.

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